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Villamil Playas

Grail Villamil Playas, the place with the healthiest climate in the world !! .. so at least the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism advertises for the small town on the Pacific coast. Playas, as it is called shortly, is about 100 km away from Guayaquil and is the nearest coastal town to be reached from the city of Guayaquil with a beach and a really balanced climate.

We have Playas firmly in our programs as we are convinced that you will like it too. Unless you are on the Ruta del Sol, Playas is the most beautiful beach on the south coast of Ecuador. The sleepy place has a scary potential, which is not fully utilized at the moment. We have for you some selected hotels and guesthouses and a campsite for campers and tents, located directly on the beach and near the beach (300 m). The beach invites you for sunbathing, long walks in the sunset or even a ride on horseback. At low tide, a trip by bike along the almost 20 km long beach to Posorja is possible.

From Playas we offer you several excursions:

bird island


Mangroves and
dolphin watching


with horse or bike
to the Cerro de Morro




Observation of magnificent frigatebirds, cormorants, ibises, herons, pelicans and blue-footed boobies   Drive through mangrove channels, observe pelicans, herons, frigate birds and dolphins   Trip from Playas to Cerro de Morro by bike or on horseback   Campsite with camper pitches and tents just 300 meters from the beach


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