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individual trips in South America

ECUADOR       EC-Z-02

from Quito to Guayaqui

with the "tren cruzero"

Program 4 days  / 3 nights


We take you from Guayaquil to Quito ... that does not sound sooo spectacular at first .. but, we do not go easily from one place to another !! The distances are slightly larger than in Germany, where I get the morning in the Federal Railways and the evening at my destination bin (if it works - at least runs regularly:-)). For our trip from the coastal Guayaquil in the Andes, we take a little more time. We will make between a trip to the Devil's Nose; an interesting and unusual railway line. We will be traveling with a comfort that many would not have expected for Ecuador and we are in a historic train, pulled by historic steam - go and diesel locomotives. Along the way we are we also travel through to get to know the local cuisine from the various regions.

detailed program sequence:
Chimbacalle - Cotopaxi - Lasso

We depart from the Chimbacalle train station in Quito at 8:00 am on board a traditional excursion train which is only used on the first section of the journey and head to Cotopaxi station. Here, our journey continues by coach as we explore the magnificent Cotopaxi National Park, featuring typical Andean volcanic landscapes and a walking tour of the Limpiopungo glacial lagoon.

Cotopaxi National Park is an important shelter for a variety of Andean flora and fauna, such as Caracara, Andean Gull, Andean Dear, Andean Wolf and the Andean Condor and it is overlooked by the magnificent snow-capped Cotopaxi volcano which rises 5,897 meters above sea level.



Our journey continues to San Agustin de Callo Hacienda for lunch featuring Ecuadorian nouvelle cuisine. This building is a fine example of traditional Inca architecture, as it once stood as an Inca Palace, built before the Colonial period. After exploring the hacienda, we will experience a presentation by local dancers in the Lasso train station, our next stop.

Overnight and dinner is provided by either La Cienega, Hato Verde or the Rumipamba de las Rosas (First Class), traditional haciendas of the region.

Packing suggestions: dress in layers with warm and light clothes, rain coat, comfortable walking shoes, sun block, sunglasses, cap


DAY TWO - WEDNESDAY Lasso - Latacunga - Cunchibamba - Ambato - Cevallos - Urbina  - Riobamba       
After breakfast, we depart by bus to Latacunga train station to board Tren Crucero, which is equipped with first class coaches, a coffee/drinks saloon and an observation car. We continue our journey to the south and our next stop is a visit to an Ecuadorian  rose plantation where we will learn about the world famous Ecuadorian roses and see this they are grown before being sent all over the globe.We then continue on board Tren Crucero to Ambato and have lunch at the delightful Roka Plaza Hotel, an ancient colonial house. If weather conditions permits, we will have – from a safe distance – a view of Tungurahua volcano, which is still active and which occasionally offers nature´s most impressive event, a volcanic eruption. After lunch our coaches take us to Cevallos Train Station where we re-board our train and travel to Urbina station, which is located at 11,840 feet, or 3,609 meters, above sea level, making Urbina the highest train station in Ecuador.  Rosenfelder



Here we meet the last ice-trader, who will share with us his daily journey to the slopes of Chimborazo Volcano to collect centuries old ice. If weather allows, we will also be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of Chimborazo volcano. After this visit we will continue by train to the Riobamba Train Station and afterwards, to our hotel (either the Abraspungo or Andaluza hotels) for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

Packing suggestions: dress in layers, warm clothes, comfortable shoes, sun block, sunglasses, cap

DAY TREE - THURSDAY  Riobamba - Colta - Guamote - Alausi - Sibambe - Huigra
We are collected from our hotels by coach and return to Riobamba train station. Riobamba is a city surrounded by four active volcanoes and it is known as the “Queen of the Andes”. We then board Tren Crucero, pulled by steam locomotive, and travel across stunning Andean landscapes to Colta where we have a short stop to visit Balbanera church, the first landmark Christianity made upon its arrival to these lands.Returning to the train, we then depart to Guamote and explore its famous indigenous market. This is one of the last authentic markets in the Ecuadorian Andes and a traditional lunch will be served at the station.In the afternoon, we depart by train to Alausi train station travelling across fascination natural geological formations. Once there, we will start our descent by train down to the famous Devil´s Nose where the train has to perform zigzag maneuvers in order to descent 200 meters of altitude whilst travelling across 3 kilometers of rail. We then make a short stop at a viewpoint to observe and photograph this magnificent engineering achievement that is known as the most difficult railway project in the world. histor-Zug Zug-teufelsnaseZug-teufelsnase-2

We continue by train to Huigra, a small village located between the Andes and the coast lands with a pleasant climate before enjoying dinner and our final night in the Heterna Primavera Lodge Hotel.

Packing suggestions: dress in layers, warm clothes, comfortable shoes, sun block, sunglasses, cap, insect repellent (for the Devil`s Nose).

 DAY FOUR - FRIDAY  Huigra - Bucay - Yaguachi - Duran / Guayaqui
After breakfast, our coach will take us to the Huigra Train Station and we then travel along the dramatic Chanchan riverbed down to Bucay Station. On the way, we witness the transition from the Andes to the Ecuadorian coastal plain with its rich soil and lush vegetation. Once in Bucay, we go by coach to El Limonar, to visit the Shuar community. The Shuars migrated here some 70 years ago travelling from the Amazon basin to the coast and they will share with us their ancestral customs and traditions.We then continue by coach to San Rafael Ranch for lunch and a short visit to a commercial cacao plantation, after which we re-board the train to continue our journey to the Yaguachi train station and the magnificently restored steam locomotive that will pull us up to the Duran train station in Guayaqil, Ecuador’s largest city and a major port and air terminal.This final and fascination section of the journey passes through Ecuador’s coastal plain with its rich soil, lush vegetation and plantations heavy with bananas, sugar cane, mango, pineapple and rice. Shuar-Frauenhistor-Zug-Bucayzug-duran 

Duran is our last stop and after fond farewells, passengers are transferred by coach to the main hotels in Guayaquil (including the Hilton Colón, Oro Verde, Hampton Inn, Wyndham, Grand Hotel Guayaquil and the Sonesta).


Packing suggestions: light clothes, comfortable shoes, sun block, sunglasses, cap, insect repellent

Hotel Rating:

1st. Night - La Ciénega/Hato Verde/Rumipamba de las Rosas: First Class

2nd. Night – Abraspungo/La Andaluza: First Class

3rd. Night – La Eterna Primavera: Tourist

The train runs only on these days !! 

Changes to the program are not possible!

For questions and bookings, please use our contact form or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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