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individual trips in South America

individual south america travel in ECUADOR - BOLIVIA - VENEZUELA - COLOMBIA - PERU - GERMANY (Harz)

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Tucan Tour, founded after a first trip to South America, out of enthusiasm for this continent. The fascinating flora and fauna of this part of the world, with its breathtaking landscapes; from the coasts to the highlands. Primitive forces have shaped these surfaces; Elevated seabed ... erected mountains and volcanoes .... This continent has inspired me so much that I would like to bring it closer to others.

So in 2007 I started in Venezuela with the founding of the Tucan Tour. Together with friends, we have since been organizing tours through this beautiful country in the northern part of the South American continent with its Caribbean sandy beaches, turquoise waters, the unique Tavel Mountains, the highest waterfall on Earth, the Orinoco Delta and many, many other attractions. Bolivien 1

Tucan Tour works except in Venezuela (since 2007), Bolivia (since 2010), Ecuador (since 2014) now also in Colombia (since 2019). The country on the equator also has a beautiful coast, the highlands with the road of the volcanoes that visited Humbold, the Amazon and the coastal plains with its agricultural areas. Here we can cross three climate zones in one day, from the tropical Amazon climate over the highlands to the Pacific Coast and then the next day to the Galapagos Islands, which animated Charles Darwin to his theory of evolution.


So, maybe you just rummage a little bit in our offers or write us an email or Whatsapp (+49 1707117675).

We look forward to seeing you !!


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our philosophy of travel


for our guests: 

We do not just want to show you the world famous travel destinations. We attach great importance to bringing you closer to the culture of the countries, their inhabitants, traditions and ways of life, to immerse yourself in them and to take home those wonderful and deep impressions and never to forget them again. We rely on close cooperation with the people of the countries you travel to. It allows through a lot of commitment that we can experience this beautiful nature and their cultures. Future generations should also be given the opportunity to experience this world and not only to be able to learn from photo albums and entries in blogs and FB. 

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Tourism consulting

After more than 12 years working in tourism in South America, I was asked to help build tourism in Colombia in the provinces of Cesar and La Guajira in the spring of 2019.

Initially, over 70 companies (hotels, hostels, travel agencies, restaurants) analyzed how the companies have established themselves in the Colombian market, what offers they offer tourists and how they are economically viable.

Following the analysis of each company, a work plan has been developed and in some also training has been started. The main focus was on product (tour) development, pricing, marketing and customer contact.

On the page www.asesoria-turismo-sostenible.com the projects are presented and explained.

These consultations are funded by  PROCOLOMBIA, the Senior Experten Service Deutschland (SES) with support from the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the respective state districts in Colombia.

In Ecuador, I work with various companies, as well as city and district administrations, on the development of tourism concepts and their implementation. In turn, analysis and market research play a crucial role. This is followed by training in calculation, product development, marketing and, in particular, dealing with the customer.

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